Senior Travel for Global Competition

It is rare to find a competition that engages a number one passion for many seniors. The passion is Travel. Senior travel for a global competition using one’s life experience and expertise is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. I love inspiring stories of companies and people thinking creatively. One such company is called, A Smaller Earth. Here’s what they did to inspire greatness. Chris Arnold, the CEO, designed a global competition called “Your Big Year.” The name of the competition is important because the winner receives a whole year of travel to five continents to meet with world leaders. Now isn’t that inspiring? The mission of this creative company is to positively impact 20 million people by 2020. Their website offers opportunities to volunteer, travel, and do things around the world that really impact people. The present competition, “Your Big Year,” is about to name a winner. The competition is global.Smaller Earth offers handpicked, meaningful opportunities¬† around the globe, making some of the worlds most stunning and remote locations accessible to all. Chris Arnold says:

5 Continents

5 Continents

“If you think you can make a positive impact in business or media or culture or politics or anything without having an appreciation for the other parts of the world, then you’re absolutely wrong,” Arnold said. “You need to travel. You need to go live and work and volunteer in other countries.”

Why not get involved in senior travel for global competition? Think of all of your life experiences that could be utilized in projects in other countries. I once won a trip anywhere in the world that was on Eastern Airline’s route. I thought I had won the lottery. I traveled to 6 different destinations that were on Eastern Airline’s map.¬† My advice is to get up, get going, and make a difference in the world. Get involved. Positively impact someone’s life by volunteering. Find out how to do it here. You can also read more about “Your Big Year” here in this article.


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