Senior Travel and “The Way”

Senior travel doesn’t always have to be on a safe and guided tour somewhere. Senior travel can also include  a wandering nomad approach from country to country. Recently, there was a wonderful film that was made with Martin Sheen and directed by his son, Emilio Estevez  called, “The Way.” This film embraces so much about life, what is important and what is not, and a lot about “The Way.” While I won’t give away the important moments in the film, it takes place along the  Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. It is about a father’s journey, an important journey while walking the Camino.

Martin Sheen- Father in "The Way" photo by Brian McGuirk

Martin Sheen- Father in "The Way" photo by Brian McGuirk

Here is a wonderful clip of Martin Sheen in Washington DC, speaking about “The Way.”



Senior Travel can include a wandering spirit and “The Way” of transcendence and transformation. The Way is a wonderful film about pain, grief, love, suffering, bearing burdens, being human, transcendence, a Father’s love, a Son’s love, a journey, beauty, honesty, authenticity, inner demons, and making the approach to one’s own fruition. Why not find your own way, and commit to travel that reaches beyond the “safe zone.” First, go and see this film, “The Way.” After you do, make your own choice as to what journey or pilgrimage is important in your own life. Then, take action. Find a community, or a small handful of people who want to journey with you. Senior travel does not have to exclude an adventuresome spirit.  Senior travel can transform and transcend “the way” in your own life and experience. Watch a trailer of Martin Sheen in “The Way” here.


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