Senior Travel and Best Retirement Places

Ok, so you have arrived. You are a senior. Congratulations. Now what? What about senior travel and the best retirement places? It is not so easy to flesh out the best places to travel, much less to retire. Perhaps the first question could be, what it means to retire. For each person this means something different. For a senior looking for a particular place, what is  the best retirement place?  What is the first place that comes to your mind?

Where are the best places to retire in the U.S.? According to John Brady, founder of, the absolute best cities and towns for older Americans have good weather, access to health care, low property taxes, and a certain “wow” factor. Throw in access to adult education, cultural activities, job opportunities for older Americans, low housing costs and income-tax rates, low crime rate, and good walkability and livability — and you get a list of both well-known and lesser-known cities and towns that retirees might fancy. Take a look at 10 remarkable retirement spots.

Florida Wilderness

Florida's best kept secret places

So what does retirement mean to you? Senior travel can lead to new places to explore to find the right retirement places. The world has hundreds of places that may fit what you dream of as a retirement place. Would you like to read more about the best retirement places? Read more in the Orlando Sentinel here.



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