See the U.S. in a Volkswagan Bus

For many of us, the 1960′s were not so long ago. I can remember being in Greenwich village in NYC in the 1960′s when there were riots in the parks, and people were throwing bottles out of trees. I also remember seeing the us in a Volkswagan bus. What made the bus so wonderful, was that it had everything you could ever want or need, all contained in one, moving vehicle on wheels. The sense of freedom was awesome. Some had the flip up top that would give you more head room, and space to see the stars. The experience was the most valuable one of a lifetime.

Daman Ristau has created a documentary about the VW bus, and people in it, in a film called, “The Bus.”



The VW bus was an icon that still exists as a symbol of being free, and, well….on the road. It also frames a time, the 1960′s in such a way that when you see one on the road, you are immediately transported back through time when people seemed more free, and more authentic somehow. Or is this my imagination?

Anyway, you can read all about “The Bus” in the Vancouver Sun. Click here to be transported there. Meanwhile, I’m going to see the U.S. in a Volkswagan van. See ya.


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