Presidential Getaways

What do Hawaii, Maine, Georgia and Martha’s Vineyard have in common? They’re all Presidential getaways that each President needed to retreat to during their administration. There are stories that reflect the need for retreat during a Presidential run, such as Roosevelt ‘s need to travel to Warm Springs, Georgia to restore his body. Roosevelt had polio, and utilized the warm water to help restore his body. The rural nature of various places also provided Presidents past and present with a place to just be without the demands of people around constantly needing something. Place  is truly a key for creative thinkers and leaders. Famous people and leaders need quiet and stillness, just as the rest of us folks do. Obama goes to Hawaii, Bush went to Maine, and many Presidents such as Kennedy went to his home on Martha’s Vineyard.


President of the United States 2012

President Obama


Truman, who claimed Key West to be his second favorite place on earth, wasn’t the only commander-in-chief to use this place as a working retreat. Other presidents include Howard Taft, Dwight Eisenhower and John F.  Kennedy.


Presidents are like other famous people who need restorative vacations to refresh and renew. Their minds are always at work while at the White House, so it is no wonder that each President has had a special place to retreat to.


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