Petroglyphs, Paintings, and Amazing Tanzania

Recently, I wrote about a friend of mine who directs 3 primary schools in Tanzania. For the past 10 years, Pocketful of Joy  has been sponsoring 3 schools, and helping children to live, learn and grow. There are other gifts waiting for cultural travel to Tanzania. Petroglyphs, paintings and amazing Tanzania gives the cultural tourist  beauty, diverse topography, and wonderful cultural archeological sites to visit. One such place is Kondoa, which has a series of caves in the side of a steppe that have petroglyphs as old as 1500 years. The imagery includes figures that are very elongated, hunting scenes, and animals painted in shades of red ocher. Kondoa, a world heritage site, is not the only amazing place you will find in Tanzania. In the Tanzanian Daily News:

There is no shortage of cultural tourism attractions in Tanzania and that is a fact. The Kilwa ruins in Lindi, Tongoni ruins and Amboni Caves in Tanga and the rock paintings in Kondoa are part of the bigger picture of the country’s cultural tourism cake.In Zanzibar we have the annual Mwaka Kogwa festival at Makunduchi in South Unguja region, sort of a carnival that has never ceased to amaze and attract hundreds of revellers, both local and foreign.

petroglyph Tanzania

petroglyph Tanzania- The elongated figures are circled


Petroglyphs, paintings and amazing Tanzania are waiting for the serious cultural traveler. Whether you are going there to help children in a school, such as my friend, Charlotte Hunter, director of Pocketful of Joy, or just going to see the petroglyphs, Tanzania will not disappoint you. In fact, Tanzania is one of the oldest inhabited places on the earth. Fossils found in Tanzania date back over 2,000,000 years! Imagine going to a place with such ancient history. Today, Tanzania is a big producer of steel, and is the third largest producer of gold in Africa. The rocks and minerals hold the ancient story of millions of years. If you’re planning on traveling to this East African nation, you might want to do some research before going so that you won’t miss anything while you’re there. To read the full article in the Tanzania Daily News, go here.


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