Meaning, Culture and Travel

Now more than ever, people are wanting travel that is more than just rest and relaxation. From volunteer vacations to cultural treks “meaning” means having more than just a good time. Meaning is what marks time with memory in a lifetime, and more and more cultural travelers are combining meaning, culture and travel. Cultural travel is a growing in the way of tours such as rural farm treks and  volunteering to build wells in India. There are so many ways to apply your passions and your skills to travel. The Business Wire reports:

The latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker finds that summer travel will remain strong, but the consumer mindset has shifted. Almost 140 million Americans (59%) are planning a summer vacation. They expect to spend an average of $1,180 per person, on par with 2011. But, 48% seek more meaningful experiences and say they will immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of their destination. The survey also indicated that this year’s travelers are more likely to go abroad and take advantage of holiday weekend getaways.

“Consumers want deeper, richer experiences when they travel,” said David Patron, Vice President of American Express Travel. “When a traveler visits a destination they want to understand the local traditions and feel like they are getting a true insider experience.”

Meaning, Culture and Travel

Meaning, Culture and Travel

Perhaps you should ask yourself the question, “What gives meaning to your own experience?” Meaning equals the content of life, and substantive content at that. Meaning requires that we are aware of where we are going, what we are doing, and how we might give back to diverse cultures around the world. “Giving back” can be as simple as being sensitive and humble to other culture’s traditions and beliefs, and bringing back the experiences that can be shared with others in the way of story or teaching. Meaning, culture and travel go hand in hand, and these days, this combination is becoming increasingly popular. Read the whole article on the ways that travelers are changing here.


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