Looking for Ideas for a Trip to India?

When we think of India, we think of all of the tastes and smells, and diversity of places. If you’ve never been to India, and need some ideas for cultural activities, you might want to do some research in advance of your trip. Andhra Pradesh  gives a whole plethora of ideas for visiting India. If you’re into art as a cultural activity, Pradesh says:

5. Take a trip to Madhubani and visit the village famous for this art drawn by women through generations. Madhubani art illustrates mythological themes. The area is dotted with clay huts with paintings on walls, though now the women mostly paint on paper, using bamboo sticks.





The artwork in Madhubani is very interesting indeed. There are paintings for various passages throughout life such as birth, death and marriages. There is also a sacred thread ceremony in this region called the  Upanayaman which signifies the coming of age for an adolescent. This ceremony is both spiritually significant, and socially significant. Cultural activities are specific to place and region. You can get a full spectrum glimpse of the whole article here: 




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