Kids, Learning, and Travel Abroad

I am always struck by the excitement of students that win the ultimate award of travel to different cultures. Recently, 50 lucky and extraordinary students won the that award to travel to different cultures. What is more extraordinary is that these 50 students were chosen out of 60,000 others. This is through a program called, “People to People Ambassador Programs.” Programs created for a cultural travel exchange are the most valuable programs we can offer the young people of today. A wider perspective changes the scope of what is possible for a student, and enriches the values that a student develops in their adolescent years. People to people chose one student from grade 5 through 12 from each state of the United States.


Student travel with People to People expands students’ world views and stretches their horizons through education-based travel. Each program explores cultural attractions, offers homestays, incorporates community involvement through service projects, and provides unique People to People moments like meeting with parliament members in the UK, laying wreaths of remembrance at Normandy or staying in sacred Maori sites in New Zealand. Research shows that more than 80 percent of students who travel with People to People Student Ambassador Programs are accepted into the college of their choice.


Cultural travel for students is a privilege that changes young lives forever. The value is that the ripple effect of young people experiencing other cultures, travels like a seed in the wind and changes everyone in the wake of the young person whose life is altered. A real investment in our future of understanding each other is best understood through real life experience. This is what cultural travel can offer. See the entire article here.


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