Kids and Cultural Travel? You be the Judge.

Ok, I’ll admit, I never became a parent largely because I was busy creating figures, and art, and going to bizarre places. Kids and cultural travel? I would love it, and you could too, if you are a parent wishing to give your children a marked and memorable time in another culture. We tend to get so locked into a familiar way of viewing the world around us. Kids have a way of opening our eyes to new things, people, and seeing the things that make cultural travel a magical experience. So how do you travel with kids? Josie Mcnaught tells us  some interesting tips on traveling with kids on a cultural trip and waiting until the time is right for your kids to travel.


Wait until the time is right

Don’t go until your kids are old enough to use the loo, make toast, own a cellphone and stay out late. Lugging children under 10 around the world is pretty much a waste of time if you are after a rich, cultural experience.

Instead you’ll experience European playgrounds, food that tastes like home and the eight-year-old will only remember the 10 flavours of gelato she tried.


The key here is to not let kids get in the way of your cultural travel plans. Kids love change, and seeing new cultures in their unique context, is a way for kids to expand their perspectives about the world around them. Kids and cultural travel? You be the judge, knowing that you will gift your children with a multitude of dimensions of culture, place, travel, and education that extends far beyond the world as we know it. Read more here, about traveling with kids.

Children with flutes Sulawesi, Indonesia- Photo by Caty Carlin

Children with flutes Sulawesi, Indonesia- Photo by Caty Carlin

Traveling with kids can be a rewarding and wonderful adventure. Kids and cultural travel, why not? You be the judge in exposing your kids to the food, culture, dance, and traditions of cultures that offer a richness to education and life that is unparalleled in any other learning experience. Read more here on traveling with kids.



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