Interesting Places for Cultural Travel

Are you an adventurer, or a person who likes to be guided on your cultural travel ? Interesting places for cultural travel involve a bit of research, plus an adventuresome spirit. I’d like to invite you to really think about where you would like to go in the world. Are there interesting places that you would like to explore on other continents? At the top of my list of interesting places is Siberia. The travelers that I have spoken to who have been on the Trans Siberian train have each given me an account that describes the experience as unbelievable. One person said that Siberia was the most beautiful place they had ever been, and this was a person who has traveled all over the globe. This person also said, if you get off of the train to explore an area, you really need a guide because language and cultural differences are really a problem to navigate through. While searching for travel companies that go to Siberia, I discovered Exeter International.

Siberia-The peninsula of Svyatoy Nos, Lake Baikal

Siberia-The peninsula of Svyatoy Nos, Lake Baikal Photo by Benutzer

Little surpasses the excitement and adventure of a railroad journey, and no route causes as much anticipation as the epic Trans-Siberian Classic Route from Moscow to Vladivostok. We are proud to present the only way to experience the vast, untouched regions of Siberia and Central Asia in the comfort and style for which Exeter International is known. Whether it be exploring Ulan Baatar in Mongolia or barbequing on the banks of Lake Baikal, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is the most convenient way to see some of the world’s most legendary places.

Siberia is a huge area of Russia, comprising 77% of Russia’s land mass.  It  has a tremendous diversity of terrain. Some parts of Siberia were at the beginning of the silk road, and there are mountains, volcanoes, deserts, and beautiful lakes. The trans Siberian railroad was built in 1891 to 1916.  Some 40,000 years ago, there were at least three species of humans, so you might say that there is a rich layer of history as well as topography. If you’re looking for interesting places for your cultural travel this year, then perhaps it is time to do some research. Exeter’s tours are listed here.


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