Gaudi, Antonio

"Gaudi Cathedral"
This is a photograph of the windows in Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

There are many Cultural Trips that one can choose from all over the world. One such trip that I recently made was to Barcelona, Spain to the Sagrada Cathedral. Antonio Gaudi was a brilliant architect and artist who created a myriad of structures that were both organic and “cloth-like.” Gaudi was a Spanish Catalan born June 1852. His passions were nature, architecture, religion, and a variety of crafts. The structures that he created included shards of ceramic pieces embedded in the exterior, extraordinary stained glass, wrought iron designs, and unusual ways of creating concrete shapes suspended from the ceiling. He was masterful at figuring out “how” to implement his designs and he created models to see how things could work.  As an example, to suspend curved shapes from the ceiling of the Sagrada Cathedral, he used weighted sacks and cables which generated curved shapes in which concrete was added in layers. A model of Gaudi’s idea exists in the basement of the beautiful Sagrada Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain.

Gaudi was nicknamed, “God’s Architect” and devoted his life to the creation of the Sagrada Familia, cathedral which is still unfinished to this day. The stained glass on the left is a part of this cathedral.  Antonio Gaudi died anonymously when he was hit by a tram on his daily walk in June, 1926. When his identity was discovered, a large crowd gathered to pay tribute to his contribution to Barcelona, and to the world. A cultural trip to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain can ultimately change your life.



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