Harlem Kids and the World

A recent story inspired me greatly as I read about a group of Harlem kids that were travelling to Paris, France on a new adventure. Funding trips for kids to see the world is one of the best investments in tomorrow’s world. Why? Because a cultural trip offers not only adventure into new sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences, but also  offers an enlargement of the world that was once small. A cultural trip offers the kind of possibility that only REAL experience can offer.


Paris the Tower

Paris Taxiarchos228

 The kids from Harlem RBI— an East Harlem nonprofit youth development agency that runs activities like baseball clinics and educational programs to help inner-city youth— are going to connect with their peers at Sport dans la Ville, France’s largest non-profit sports organization that also works with kids from difficult neighborhoods.

A cultural exchange offers one of the most wonderful experiences of a lifetime. Cultural travel that engages young people in diverse cultures offers not only a true and authentic experience of culture, but also allows a view into what is possible in creating a life that embraces difference. Hip Hip Hurrah for these kids. You can read the whole story below.


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