Getting Married? Go to Thailand

If you are considering where to get married while including a cultural trip, perhaps you should consider Thailand. Thailand is growing in popularity for a wedding destination, but not just the honeymoon. Rich in cultural diversity, beautiful temples, and amazing crafts in Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai, you could plan a wedding that would be a cultural feast for everyone attending.

Thailand Temple Chaing Mai

Thailand Temple Photo by Bill Bradley

Bridal Guide, an American monthly magazine about weddings and honeymoons, has named Thailand the third most popular destination in Asia and South Pacific for honeymooners. Thailand won 29.6% of all 3,481 votes, after Tahiti (49.6%) and Fiji (46.1%). Votes were cast via email and the magazine’s website between June 28-Sept 9, 2011.

Why not buy your wedding dress there as well. Thailand has amazing silks and textiles that would make any bride swoon. Getting married doesn’t have to be a stressful “at home” event. You can now set your sights on a cultural excursion that will be memorable and enchanting. See more about a cultural wedding trip here.


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