Gaudi, and Cultural Travel to Barcelona

For the cultural tourist who wishes to marinate in architecture that is more splendid than words, Barcelona is the place to go. Gaudi, and cultural travel to Barcelona is a trip that can be planned around Gaudi alone. I recently spoke on a transatlantic cruise traveling from Barcelona to the U.S., and had to have several days to explore the city with Gaudi’s work as the primary tour. You can get on a city tour bus in Barcelona, and jump off at any of the cultural hot spots. There is a minimal cost, and it is so easy to do. There are head phones on the bus that you can plug into just about any language, and it identifies Gaudi’s work along the way. I just read a wonderful article by Carolina Ayerbe on her great blog, Cultural Travel Guide. It is about Gaudi’s first work, Casa Vicens, on sale. She writes:

The first important work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí after graduating from architecture school is now on sale. The Herrero Jover family, owners of Casa Vicens, decided to sell it on September of last year.

Another significant piece of architecture that Gaudi created, but never finished in his lifetime, is the Sagrada Familia, a temple that was never finished in Gaudi’s lifetime. He lived in this magnificent structure towards the end of his life time. What I found most interesting, was the model in the basement of the way in which Gaudi engineered all of the many curves and arches in the ceiling. Below is a picture of the model that I took while at the Sagrada Familia. Cables were suspended between two points, and sacs that were weighted were hung from these cables to generate the curved shape. Then, concrete was added in small layers to create the awesome curves soaring 75 feet in the air.

Sagrada Familia


Stained Glass in the Sagrada Familia

Gaudi, and cultural travel to Barcelona is to be experienced as a treasured event. Read about Gaudi and his life before you go, and visit Carolyn’s wonderful blog with outstanding pictures of Gaudi’s first  work, Casa Vicens in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is a must see, and the Park Guell is another place that you can jump off the bus to see easily. It is a magnificent park, filled with mosiacs and a masterpiece of stones and fairy like structures. Originally Park Guell was to be a housing site, unsuccessfully, and has hence been turned into a garden. It is worth a trip. Gaudi, and cultural travel to Barcelona should be on your bucket list, and there is no time like the present to go. Visit Carolyn’s blog here.



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