Food, Culture, and Travel

A trip to a foreign culture can add a dimension to life that is unimaginable. Food is a central part of diverse cultures, and sometimes a reason to travel to specific cultures. From Bali, to France and South America, we go, we see, and we eat. Food is a portal into culture¬† whether you know the language or not. A new trend in the travel industry is to go specifically to learn the food, and how to cook the food grown within a particular region of the world. This is a new travel trend that is rich in knitting together cultures, and diverse ways of viewing food and its preparation. There also new tours springing up around the globe that introduce food as a way to experience cultures. Whether you are going on a journey to explore, or to learn about a culture, food adds a dimension to the experience that is unparalleled in any other way. Food brings people together; families, friends, and strangers. The preparation of food is both an art, and a way to be with people from another culture in the most intimate way. Food is an expression of love, and belonging. On your next cultural travel experience, consider food for thought: a food tour….

Chianti, Italy



This new trend in the travel industry has fostered the concept of the cultural travel business, and the category of culture travel that is growing more than any other is that of cooking vacations, especially in culinary hotspots like Italy.


It matters not if you are in Tuscany, or Indonesia, there are food touring and cooking tours that engage people within a culture that has no other entry. Food is a great equalizer that connects people in the most profound ways. The color, texture, and sensory wonder of food is common to all citizens of the world. Food transcends language, and the need to communicate. The expression exists within the smell, taste, and texture of the experience, as well as preparing food as a group or team of people. Next cultural vacation, try food as the entry point.



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