Flowers, Butterflies and Cultural Travel to Minorca, Spain

Imagine a place with 900 species of flowering plants, 25 species of orchids, many species of butterflies, and birds such as Red Kites, Booted Eagles, and Blue Rock Thrushes. Then imagine an island about 270 square miles in the Mediterranean that doesn’t get much colder than 57 degrees in the winter. The flowers, butterflies and birds, are all a part of cultural travel to Minorca, Spain.In a recent article in the New York Times, Sarah Wildman says:

The entire 270-square-mile island is a Unesco biosphere reserve, a designation issued in 1993 for the rich flora and fauna that thrive in Minorca’s forests, gorges, wetlands, salt marshes and hillsides. In 2004 Unesco expanded its protective reach, including in its definition the island’s widely scattered prehistoric sites, effectively preventing the construction of high-rise condominiums and hotels. Instead, rural hotels called agrotourismos are the hotels of choice outside the towns, and roughly 120 separate beaches — more than Majorca and Ibiza (Minorca’s other Balearic island sister) combined — remain largely unsullied by development.

butterflyminorca-Cleopatra, Algendar gorge, Minorca

Butterfly Minorca-Cleopatra, Algendar gorge, Minorca-Photo by Rixonrixon


Isn’t it inspiring that Minorca has preserved it’s rich cultural inheritance, while preserving species that no longer exist on tourist ridden islands in other places? Teeming with life, the flowers, butterflies, and cultural travel to Minorca, Spain, may be one of those places to feed the soul. People there still maintain politeness, and consideration for all life. If you’re going, please read the whole article in the New York times here.


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