Favorite Cultural Travelers of the World

I am always searching for favorite  cultural travelers of the world. Why? Because I am a cultural traveler, and I like to know what other travelers are doing in the world. There are so many interesting stories of people traveling the world. One family that I caught wind of, is a family of three who started out in 2006, leaving the life they knew behind, and now living in other countries in an RV seeing the world, and exploring new cultures. Here is an excerpt from a Mom, a Dad, and a five year old, on the other side of the globe.

We did not set out to be trail blazers, but we seem to be doing this longer than any other family and we have learned a lot along the way that we are more than happy to share. We did not expect so much interest in our journey, but then we recently read that 70 percent of families would like to do extended world travel. Thus, we realized that we already know a lot of the keys for living that dream and want to support it for others….

One of our main reasons for our world tour was to educate our child. We have found that there is no better educational opportunity for tomorrow’s global citizen of the 21st century. There are many obvious advantages of life as a field trip and the world as one’s classroom, and we have been astounded by the incredibly beautiful sights and generous, kind people that we have met.

This family is living on 25,000 a year, and travel has included 29 countries and growing. How do they do it?  My favorite cultural travelers of the world have figured it out. Why not ask them? Go to their web site and learn for yourself.


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