Explore the Culture of Papua New Guinea

Paupua New Guinea has some of the most amazing oceanic art which reflects the beliefs and rituals within the culture of New Guinea. One of the most diverse cultures on the planet, Papua New Guinea has 841 different languages, 830 of them still active. The rituals, costumes, and expressions of belief are as diverse as the languages spoken. To explore the culture of Papua New Guinea, is to explore a place and a culture that is estimated to date  back some 50,000 years BC. New Guinea is located in the southwestern portion of the Pacific Ocean in an area named Melanesia. The western portion of New Guinea is part of Indonesian provinces, and New Guinea is north of Australia. Here is a satellite picture of New Guinea from NASA.



This year, exploring the culture of Papua New Guinea is easier than ever. In the fall of 2012, P&O cruises has added Papua New Guinea to the list of places they travel to.

P&O CRUISES has added Papua New Guinea to its Pacific destinations for next year, with Pacific Dawn sailing from Brisbane to Milne Bay, where it will visit the capital Alotau, as well Doini Island and the Trobriand Islands.

The PNG sailings cost from $1049 a person, quad share, for a nine-night cruise, with the maiden cruise in October next year timed to coincide with the Canoe and Kundu Festival, where communities compete in canoe races, costume display and cultural performances.

P&O’s 2013-14 program, on sale this month, features 73 departures across 22 itineraries, with Pacific Jewel and Pacific Pearl cruising from Sydney.

This seems like a fairly reasonable way to see Papua New Guinea, as it is not an easy place to get to. Perhaps you have been considering a trip to this diverse culture of the south Pacific. Now might be the time to go. Read the full article about the cruise this year.


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