Don’t Postpone Joy, Travel Now

What is the one place you have never been to that you would like to see? My one place is Mongolia. I have read, studied, and gazed at pictures for days and days, and have even planned a whole month of travel to this far off land. My inner voice keeps saying, “Don’t postpone joy, travel now…” I’m sure you’ve seen that bumper sticker before that says, “Don’t postpone Joy. It is a good message, and one in which we should all remember each and every day. For today is all that we really have. Angela Dollar is a woman traveler who has not postponed Joy. She writes a wonderful travel blog. Here is an excerpt from  an article she wrote about “Tips for Travel Among Indigenous Cultures.”

Many intrepid travelers thrive on that ‘fish out of water’ feeling that comes with immersion in a far-flung foreign locale, and find that deep down it’s not too difficult to connect on a basic human level across the largest of cultural gaps. That said, no one wants to be an offensive guest, or unknowingly affront that which they do not understand.


Don't postpone Joy- Travel now

Don't postpone Joy- Travel now

Do your homework, don’t postpone joy, and travel now. Whatever you joy might be, now is the time to live it. If you are a travel nut like me, it is easy to postpone trips to the other side of the world. But experience is everything, and seeing a video, or reading a book is only one dimension of an adventure. A trip is a joy that you live, and have with you for a lifetime.  My joy is visiting indigenous cultures. What is your joy?  Whatever your joy is, don’t postpone it, or wait until everything is perfect. There is no perfect time to go. With that said,  I’m going to Mongolia. Read Angela Dollar’s wonderful article here.


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