Do It Yourself Travel is Here to Stay

Are you one of those people who like to have a tour guide to take you into the jungle, and out on a rig on the high seas? A growing trend in the tourist industry is adventure travel with a guide, so that you do not have to think of everything in advance and know exactly where you are going to go. Local guides have far more reaching ideas for travel in places where there is extreme nature and a need to really know what trails to follow and where to eat and sleep. In addition to having this taken care of for you, there is also the Baby Boomer factor that says, “I can’t carry a 50 pound pack anymore for 5 days.” There are lots of places in the world where adventure guides are becoming a new choice in travel.Travel groups are also a great way to meet people.


“Many travelers who used to be comfortable with a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to travel planning have discovered the value in allowing a tour operator like IE to handle all of the logistical details involved with exploring remote destinations,” said Bill Robison, IE’s Director of Program Development. “The backpacker generation of the 1970s still want an authentic sense of discovery, but they now have less time and higher standards – no more bunk beds and hostels!”


The boomer generation might be the next wave of do it yourself travellers with a guide into the wilderness. Whether you are going it alone, or in a group, cultural travel with a guide may be a wonderful way to explore the desert, the mountains, and the sea. Group travel with a guide may be the way that future travelers get to experience cultures that are isolated, remote, and hard to get to.


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