Culture, Travel and Tibet

Perhaps you’ve been considering going to Tibet this year. If this might be the best year to go. Culture, travel and Tibet are waiting for you to make the decision to go. History, natural beauty and hiking, as well as visiting the monasteries can be your gateway into a culture that is rich with tradition. There are also ways to travel to Tibet and to give back in the process. How? Songtsan Travel, a touring company in Tibet, is giving money to children’s education in Tibet, and while you are there, they will take you to the sponsored school.

“Our tours are designed to introduce the unique culture and history of Tibet in as convenient and comfortable a way as possible,” Songtsan Travel said. “As we are a Tibetan company, travelers will always have a Tibetan guide to show them the ‘behind the scenes’ side of Tibetan life, and open cultural doors that non-Tibetans cannot.”

Songtsan Travel donates money to support children’s education, and travelers can arrange to visit their sponsored school.

“We believe the purpose of education is to promote a better person, nice human being. Our vision is a great public education for every student. Educating our hearts and minds to change ourselves and the world.

If this interests you, then culture, travel and Tibet can be knitted together into a trip that can benefit not only your cultural awareness, but also children. If you’ve been waiting to go for years and years, now is the time. Read the whole article about traveling to Tibet and giving back, here.

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