Culture, Embarrassment, and the U.S. Government

Rarely does something so explosive hit the news so much like wildfire as the recent CIA prostitution scandal involving culture, embarrassment and the U.S. Government. This is a cultural nightmare in an election year, but somehow the timing reveals Obama’s poor leadership during his whole administration. Cultural travel to places like Columbia, with representatives of the U.S. Government’s participation in prostitution and corruption are markers of irresponsible leadership in every arena, including the President. As a citizen, I am embarrassed that our fellow ambassadors to the U.S. portrayed our country with such a lack of integrity and human dignity. Shame on all of you, including President Obama for not stepping up to the plate to who, and what the voters elected you to do 4 years ago. I trust that we will have real leadership in the years to come, and I also trust that this is a good lesson for President Obama. Here is a beautiful image of Columbia. Perhaps the people will forgive us for the misdeeds of our C.I.A.

Columbia-photo by Daniloagarciah

Columbia-photo by Daniloagarciah

Grit your teeth and read the whole article about  Columbia, Culture, Embarrassment and the U.S. Government here.


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