Cultural Trip to the Land of Fun and Fantasy

Cultural Travel to Prague





Cultural travel need not  always be to a museum or historical site. Rather, you can set your sights on a place that embraces history and  has the creative genius to host a really fun carnival like Masopust in Prague. If you like really funny masks and costumes, and creative wit to go along with the drama, then make your cultural travel plans to head to Prague. Prague is known for its puppetry, art, and culture as well as it’s amazing architecture and history. The NY Times Globespotter Jacy Meyer gives a good review of this event.

“To a certain extent, it is different from other popular carnivals because it is a display of the Zizkov independent culture,” said Pavel Sladkovsky, the deputy mayor of the Prague 3 municipal district. “It refers to famous personalities and characters of this specific Prague quarter, which is often compared to Montmartre in Paris.”


If you want to experience the true culture of Prague and immerse yourself in a neighborhood that creates the Masopust carnival, it is happening right now, so make your travel plans now for a cultural trip filled with fun and wonder. Read more of the Times article here.




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