Cultural Travel With a Twist

As a cultural traveler myself, I know the pitfalls that can happen along the way. You might say I have experienced cultural travel with a twist on many occasions and in many cultures. One such time was a trip to Ecuador on a courier flight to Quito. I was visiting a friend in Cuenca, and my Spanish was not too polished. Because I was arriving at 2:00am in the morning in Quito, I decided to sew the directions of my final destination into my jacket. This was much like a Mom sending her kindergarden child off to school so that the child would not get lost. I figured if something happened to me, they could at least get in touch with my friend in Cuenca. I was already a cultural traveler taking a leap into a place where I did not know the language or territory, but traveling with a twist has its advantages. The advantages are that you really get to experience culture by immersing yourself in the tastes, smells, differences, beliefs, and wonder of a foreign place. Cultural travel in this way opens you to discover places that you would not find otherwise. The story of this particular trip has many twists and turns, and I ended up having everything stolen, including my passport, and courier return ticket on the airlines. I’ll tell you all about it in another article. For now, I would like to introduce you to a really creative concept in cultural travel. It is with a company called Vayable. The idea is that Vayable finds people in places all over the world that are creating unique tours of places that might include the food of a city, or secret places that a regular tourist might not discover by just visiting a place. This is cultural travel with a twist.  Vayable’s Jamie Wong, Co-Founder and CEO talks about Vayable in a video and article and articulates very clearly the vision of Vayable.

Cuenca, my final destination-photo by UltraForce777


Vayable has the opportunity to facilitate cultural learning in places you visit or even in your own city. Unlike most travel experiences or tours, you can see and leave reviews for your guide. And guides are passionate about the experiences they list. That beats signing up for a more lackluster experience you’d find advertised on sites like Orbitz or local tour companies.


I can speak from experience when I say that cultural travel is not always an easy thing to do. Vayable is one of the first really unique concepts in cultural travel that embraces all of the ingredients of what people are hungry for in experiencing another culture or another place. Whether your passion is art, or food, or hiking, or architecture, Vayable is a venue that you need to explore. I know I will certainly keep my eyes fixed on this venue for cultural travel! Go and watch the video with Jamie Wong here.



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