Cultural Travel to Zambia

Some 200 years ago, a man named David Livingstone first saw the roaring Victoria Falls in Zambia in 1855. Cultural travel to Zambia this year, honors David Livingstone, in the Zambian town of Livingstone. The falls, also called the “Cloud that Thunders,” are located in Africa between the countries of Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Rhodesia. Livingstone was a Scottish missionary in the 1800′s who was supposed to be the first European to view the falls. Why the “Cloud that Thunders?” See the image below, and perhaps it will help you to see why the falls produce such a cloud.

cloud that thunders_victoriafallsZambia

The Cloud that Thunders_Victoria Falls, Zambia


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls between Zambia and Rhodesia- Photo by John Walker



Cultural travel to Zambia this year is a celebration of the great explorer’s time in Zambia, in the town of Livingstone. If you’re going, you’ll see the largest sheet of water in the world. As you see above, the falls look as if they are carved with a knife right out of the earth. Magnificent! There are many festivities honoring Livingstone, and while you are in Zambia, you’ll get to see these amazing falls.

The Zambian town of Livingstone is going all out to celebrate the anniversary of David Livingstone, the explorer and missionary who was born 200 years ago next year.

From motor-cross to fishing competitions, from canoe challenges to cultural dancing competitions, concerts on the banks of the Zambezi, ultra marathons and gala events, there is likely to be something for everyone.

If you’re going, read the full article here on cultural travel to Zambia and the festivities honoring David Livingstone.



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