Cultural Travel to Van Gogh’s World

Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. Today we equate “selling” paintings as a marker of success. But in Van Gogh’s time, people did not see his paintings as wonderful. He lived a very tormented life. He was, however a prolific painter in the 1800′s in France. Cultural travel to Van Gogh’s world includes a trip to Arles, France. There, you can enter Van Gogh’s world and see the colors, people and places where he was inspired to paint. Inspiration came out of the willingness to “see” what others could not put into form. Van Gogh was not motivated by success and the sale of paintings. He was motivated by the contrast of light and shadow, intensity and beauty. He had the courage to express through painting in a time when no one understood what he was painting. In an article in the Chicago Tribune, the trail is laid out for entering Van Gogh’s world.

Vincent Van Gogh- Self Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh- Self Portrait 1889

When Vincent van Gogh settled in Arles in 1888, he entered a hyper-productive burst, producing works such as “The Yellow House,” “Starry Night Over the Rhone,” and “Cafe Terrace at Night.” During his two years in Arles, he produced an estimated 200 paintings. The colors may have drawn him to southern France in 1888, but it is his art that draws people there today.

Strangely, there are no actual works of his in Arles, but there are plenty of opportunities to see the subjects he painted.

A van Gogh walk has been mapped out in town, and several of his paintings have been re-created on cement easels and sited about where the artist may have positioned himself when he painted them.

Perhaps you are drawn to Van Gogh’s world, or have been meaning to plan travel to France. Cultural travel to Van Gogh’s world includes a burst of color in the spring, and will send you into the dream of his paintings. Before you go, it would be great to read¬† about Van Gogh’s life and work to give you a sense of his torment, his vision, and his joy revealed in the paintings that allow us a glimpse into his world. Here is a great book about Van Gogh that you can read prior to going to Arles, France. It is called,”Conversations with Van Gogh.

Read the full article about Van Gogh and cultural travel to Van Gogh’s world here.



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