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Tibet is one of the last frontiers of cultural heritage that remains intact. Cultural travel to Tibet is rich with a culture that has existed for thousands of years in a place that holds it’s sacred beginnings in the temples, the mountains, and the people who live there. Recently, there have been restrictions on travel to central Tibet. A travel agency in Tibet, called “Explore Tibet- a Lhasa based travel agency,” has provided alternative cultural travel experiences in Khan, which is located in eastern Tibet. A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle states:

The Kham region of eastern Tibet (western Sichuan and Yunnan Province) has a dramatic landscape different from the central part of Tibet. The high altitude Tibetan plateau slopes down into China’s Sichuan basin, and the rivers dropping down from the Himalayan peaks have cut deep narrow gorges with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls.

This area is home to the Khampa, a Tibetan cultural group with their own language, clothing, architecture and lifestyle. Kangding, the traditional capital and trading town of Kham, is the gateway toTibet.

tibetan woman

Tibetan Woman- Photo by

If you have not been to this beautiful part of the world, let me attest to the magnificent beauty and wonder that will take your breath away. In addition, you will see a culture that is still intact with their story, language and cultural traditions. Do not waste a moment more, make plans to visit Tibet today. Go here to read the article in the SF Gate.

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