Cultural travel to the West

Learning about cultures around the world is a great window into history, language and art. Cultural travel does not have to be 3000 miles away to a foreign place. Instead, you might want to explore some of the U.S. western territory. The national parks in Utah, Colorado and California are extraordinary places that are surrounded by a unique landscape where native cultures have existed for hundreds of years. One such place is Arches National Park in Utah. Cultural travel can include a road trip west to explore indigenous cultures and places that are magnificently beautiful.


Arches National Park Utah

Sunset at Arches National Park- Photo by Palacemusic


The U.S. is a vast land; the melting pot status it has enjoyed has created some unique culture not found anywhere else…

.Mesa Verde Country, home to Mesa Verde National Park, is the archeological center of America, offering an unforgettable opportunity to see and experience the life of the ancient Ancestral Pueblo Indians.


You can be a cultural traveler who is in search of far away places, and you can also be an explorer of the western part of the United States. There is so much to see and experience in the western states, from the National Parks to the painted desert. The landscape is memorably beautiful, and it is only a long stretch of highway away. Be a cultural traveler of the west. You will not be disappointed. To see 7 other places that are recommended for the “experiential” traveler, read more here.


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