Cultural Travel to the Land of 1000 Hills

A few degrees south of the Equator is the land of 1000 hills, which any cultural traveler will discover to be one of the best places for riding a mountain bike. This place, high above sea level, with the lowest point 3117 feet, is Rwanda, a small country in East Africa. Cultural travel to the land of 1000 hills may be best seen from a two wheeler, as most of Rwanda is quiet and rural. Rwanda has lots of lakes and one of the deepest is Lake Kiva, with depths of 1575 feet.  The land of 1000 hills is also a main watershed for the Nile. Thousands of years ago, high altitude forests covered much of Rwanda, but today, these forests exist in National Parks like Nyungwe which has over 200 species of trees, orchids and begonias.

Rwanda Volcano and Lake

Rwanda Volcano and Lake


Many know Rwanda by the genocide that occurred in 1994. This human tragedy which killed over a million people is not to be forgotten. Today, Rwanda is one of the safest places to travel, and also one of the most beautiful. The people are as beautiful as the landscape they occupy. And if you are going, you might want to consider traveling by bicycle. Erik Wurster and Lydia Pace from the Boston Globe write:

The “land of a thousand hills,’’ as it is sometimes called, could easily become one of the world’s premier mountain biking destinations, with its rugged terrain, stunning scenery, ample trails crisscrossing the countryside, and the country’s cultural predisposition to cycling. While the lack of a tourism infrastructure here makes aspects of travel challenging, it also makes exploring rural Rwanda all the more fascinating and rewarding.


If you’re a cultural traveler going to the land of a 1000 hills, you might want to get yourself in shape and do some research in the process of knowing more about Rwanda. To read more of Wurster and Pace’s experience on a two wheeler in the land of 1000 hills, go here.


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