Cultural Travel to Singapore

Cultural travel to Singapore is becoming more and more popular. I recently made a post about the extraordinary architecture in Singapore relevant to its museums. Another recent post is about the Guggenheim Museum in NYC which has created a five year cultural art initiative with several countries around the world to include their art curators and educators, as well as artists. Singapore is high on the list of these countries. Why does this matter? Cultural travel and cultural exchange in the way of art, and those who know about art within those cultures is important infomation for bridging  cultural understanding, story, and perceptual beliefs about a culture. Singapore is also on board with cultivating awareness in the arts and culture. In an article in the Gulf News,  by Shiva Kumar, Singapore is illuminating the cultural arts:

A report published by Singapore’s government-appointed Economic Strategies Committee stated last year that, “While we have attained First-World standards in business and livability, we are still lagging global city standards for culture. Our cultural sector is still falling behind those of cities like London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. To be a player in the league of top global cities, we need to make significant investments in our cultural capital and landscape.” The report concluded that establishing Singapore as “a leading cultural capital” should be a priority for the next decade.

Singapore Art and Science Museum-William Cho

Singapore Art and Science Museum-William Cho

To view what the city offers in the way of art in culture, you might want to visit a tour of their architecture for the amazing art museums that exist today. Cultural travel to Singapore is filled with a diverse mix of people, cuisine, art, and culture. Read the full article here in the Gulf News.


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