Cultural Travel to Russia

Russia has gone through many transformations in my lifetime. I remember seeing the famous Ballet dancer, Nureyev in 1976 in New York City at the Lincoln Center. The performance was so moving, I can still remember being transported through the air as he made his flying leaps through the air. Cultural travel to Russia has become an important destination for many travelers, and holds a particular interest for those who love the arts. Russia shines brightly in the realm of dance, art, and music. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be traveling to Moscow to perform in Russia. Marc Caro of the Chicago Tribune writes:

When the CSO first played in the Soviet Union in late 1990, Sir Georg Solti was its music director, communist rule was winding down, and conditions were far from what these musicians usually experienced on tour….

This time the CSO will be visiting Russia, not the Soviet Union, and St. Petersburg, not Leningrad, before it moves on to four cities in Italy to complete this two-week tour. The hotels will be first-class. The high-speed train trip between Moscow and St. Petersburg should take 41/2 hours. The country has plenty of food and plenty of money.



Whether you are following the outstanding Chicago Symphony Orchestra, or just planning a trip to Russia to see the magnificent art museums, cultural travel to Russia is an experience for any lover of the arts.  Read the full article in the Chicago Tribune about the Symphony’s tour of Russia here.


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