Cultural Travel to Myanmar

There are few places in the world that offer cultural learning that can alter one’s life. Myanmar is one such place. Cultural travel to Myanmar is the creme de la creme of cultural travel. Why? Because Myanmar, or Burma is a place in which  things have been altered, and yet, remain culturally and historically rich. First of all, where is Myanamar?  Myanamar, or Burma is one of the most culturally rich in natural resources, yet least developed in all of the world. What do I mean by culturally rich?   A Stupa is a structure that is a mound or heap containing Buddhist relics. Stupas are an ancient form of Mandala. Below is an image of the Stupas and temples in Myanmar. There are over 4000 Pagodas, Temples, and sacred places in Burma. Cultural travel to Myanmar includes a rich connection to the beliefs and traditions of the Buddhist beliefs in Burma.


Burma, Myanmar

Burma, Myanmar


Turn back the clock with a trip to this time-warped country where the adventure travel of old lives on. This is the authentic Asia with creaking buses, potholed roads, locals who greet you like long lost family and not a 7-Eleven in sight.

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There is much to be discovered in cultural travel to Myanmar. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or whether you want to explore the world in a new way, Burma, or Myanmar offers the cultural experience of a lifetime.  Time is warped and altered in Myanmar. Pagodas and Temples take you back to an ancient time when the Stupas or structures represented a belief that transcended time. You will discover the whole world in its ancient beginnings, in Myanmar.


Why not set your cultural travel plans to travel to Myanmar? Cultural travel to Myanmar can be a life altering experience. Read more about travelling there here.






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