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Often, I find myself looking at the many unusual textiles that I have from India. India was once one of the leading textile producing countries in the world. The cotton gin existed there long before it was developed in the United States. Even now, textiles from different parts of India reveal the distinctive cultures who live in different districts. One of the places that has a rich tradition for the cultural traveler who loves textiles, is Rajasthan.  Located in northwest India, Rajasthan is the largest state of the Republic of India. There, the looms are working steadily, and Rajasthan produces some of the most unusual textiles.

Elaborate textiles on an Elephant Rajasthan

Rajasthan textiles on an Elephant by Faraz Usmani


Tour of Rajasthan is witnesses in all – the way local villagers dress up, their daily routine, dance and music, art and architecture, and their religious beliefs. The luxurious banglows in Shekhawati area are an example of art and further the deserts of Bikaner. The tight turbans and long mustaches are source of prides for males.


The landscape around Rajasthan is extraordinary and beautiful.  The Aravalli  landscape is lush and teeming with life. There is also desert to the northwest. The Thar desert is the extreme opposite of the lushness of Aravalli. This is what Rajasthan has to offer the cultural tourist; diverse topagraphy and a rich history of  temples, beliefs, story, dance, and food. Perhaps you should include Rajasthan on your horizon this year. To read more about going to Rajasthan, follow this thread….


Rajasthan landscape, India

Rajasthan landscape India- Photo by Nataraja


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