Cultural Travel to Hong Kong’s Historic Waterways

Hong Kong has just about everything a cultural traveler could want in terms of culture, food, people, architecture, wonder, textiles and more. But what about cultural travel to Hong Kong’s Historic Waterways? On a recent cruise that I was speaking on, a fellow traveler told me all about Hong Kong and it’s many offerings. He did not mention the waterways. Perhaps it is because they are one of those unknown gems to cultural travelers going to Hong Kong. Whatever the case, the New York Times has a wonderful travel article on the waterways of Hong Kong.

When asked where she would send a time-pressed new traveler to Hong Kong, Echo Zhu, chief concierge at The Peninsula hotel, recommended a surprisingly modest attraction: a rickety historic ferry that costs no more than pocket change (at most, 3 Hong Kong dollars, or about 40 cents).

“For first-time visitors, I recommend walking down to the Star Ferry pier, taking the boat across the harbor, and then going up to The Peak,” Ms. Zhu said. “The ferry is 100 years old and a Hong Kong icon.”


Hong Kong Ferry photo by Simon Shek

Hong Kong Ferry. The Photo is by Simon Shek

This is the kind of information that one needs to embrace when traveling to Hong Kong. It is the simple, sometimes free things (or close to free) that become some of the best memories of cultural travel. Whether it is on a ferry, a boat, a subway, a tube, or a tuk tuk, these are the places where local culture and history are vital. Cultural travel to Hong Kong’s Historic Waterways could very well be the most inexpensive, and yet, most wonderful experience you’ll  have while in Hong Kong.  But why take my word for it? Read the whole article in the New York Times here.


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