Cultural Travel to Hong Kong for the Dragon Festival

In the United States we have team rowing, and camaraderie among the rowers, and in Hong Kong, there is the Dragon Festival. Cultural travel to Hong Kong for the Dragon Festival is one of the most exciting and unusual festivals that you will encounter in Asia. Why? Because this festival is one of those one of a kind events that invites a viewer into culture that is otherwise not accessible. The boats are propelled with the beat of a drum as a rhythmic backdrop to “full on” team effort, and there are many waterways across the territory where these events take place.   The BBC has a great commentary on the Dragon Festival, which gives you a view into the exciting reasons for traveling to Hong Kong for this amazing event.

dragonboatfestival hongkong
Dragon Boat, Hong Kong

During Hong Kong’s annual Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on 23 June this year, the city is split into two camps: the competitors and the spectators.

The former wield paddles and propel elaborately-decorated vessels through churning water toward the finish line — all to the beat of a drum at the boat’s bow. The latter, meanwhile, simply crack open a few beers, eat glutinous rice dumplings and rowdily cheer on those racing in the oppressive summer heat.

The modern-day tradition of racing dragon boats during the Tuen Ng Festival (as it is known in Chinese) revolves around the myth of ancient poet Qu Yuan, who was on the outs with the royals in the 4th Century. After being banished from the kingdom, he committed suicide in a nearby river. Devotees are said to have rowed boats along that river, banging drums to keep spirits and fish from defiling his body. They also dropped packets of rice tightly wrapped in leaves for nourishment in the afterlife (or, some versions claim, to distract the fish), which is why Hongkongers’ consumption of these rice dumplings, called zong, peaks this time of year.

Ok, so I know your mouth is watering thinking about the rice dumplings, called zong, but to experience them, you will have to go to Hong Kong. Cultural travel to Hong Kong for the Dragon Festival is filled with the riches that you seek in experience, culture, and the inclusion of being an outsider looking in. If you’re going, check out Expedia’s airfares on the right. There are many reasons to go to Hong Kong, but this one beats them all. Go here to read the full article.



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