Cultural Travel to Frank Gehry’s Arts Center

For your next cultural travel plans, what about a journey to NYC? The world of Architecture reflects culture from hundreds of years past. Today, architecture still creates a gateway into culture, art, and time.  Fran Gehry. known for his design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain, as well as the Walt Disney concert hall in Los Angeles, California in 2004 has just completed the Cultural Arts Center in midtown Manhatten. The Pershing Square  Signature Center is a stunning accomplishment that spans 70,000 square feet of space. Nate Storey says in his article about this new cultural arts center:

The new 70,000-square-foot, block-wide structure that extends the theater district west on 42nd street to Tenth Avenue provides an ideal setting with three unique theater spaces, a studio theater, and rehearsal studio. Upon entrance, a grand plywood staircase draws audiences up to a sprawling 6,400 square-foot public space housing a café, bookstore, and three human-sized interactive touch screens that allow visitors to snap photos, delve into Signature’s history, and research more about the playwrights-in-residence.

Guggenheim Museum Bilboa Spain by Frank Gehry

Architecture tells a story of time and place. Each of Gehry’s buildings around the world are extraordinary structures that are worthy of a cultural trip. Gehry’s vision extends beyond the ordinary. The Guggenheim museum in Bilboa was completed in 1997, the Dancing House in Prague, which the Czech’s named “Fred and Ginger,” and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was completed in 2004.


For your future cultural travel plans, how about leaning towards Architecture and seeing the world through the lens of structure and shape? You can travel as close as NYC and visit the new Signature Center, or go all the way to Bilboa, Spain and see the Guggenheim Museum. Gehry’s designs are a trip worthy of making! See the full article on the Signature Center here.



Cultural travel Dancing House Prague

Dancing House- by Frank Gehry Prague Photo-Dino Quinzani


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