Cultural Travel to Exotic Asia

There are few places in the world that have everything. Food, culture, history, temples, and diverse topography. Cultural travel to Exotic Asia has all of these wonders, plus nature and endangered bird species. Vietnam is one place that still has wonders of the wild. There are 848  species of birds in Vietnam, and 43 of these are globally threatened. In northern Cambodia, one can see white shouldered Ibis, which were raised in ancient times for sacrificial purposes . Over a million  white shouldered Ibis were mummified as they were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. One can see these amazing birds on a cultural journey to Exotic Asia.

white shouldered Ibis

White Shouldered Ibis


Michele Higgins writes about the Northern Plains of Vietnam.

Once a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge, this remote and sparsely populated region is one of the few remaining places in Cambodia where animals like Asian elephants, leopards and wild cattle roam freely. While commercial hunters and logging continue to threaten the region’s forests and wildlife, the Wildlife Conservation Society has been working with the government of Cambodia to protect the area and the animals that live there, including critically endangered bird species like the giant ibis and the white-shouldered ibis, which have nesting sites in Tmatboey, an isolated village in the Kulen-Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northern Plains…

Cultural travel to exotic Asia includes an experience that can include a visit to temples, museums, as well as the Vietnamese water puppets. In addition, there are now tours that are created for those that love birds and wildlife. For the cultural traveler that loves nature, Vietnam and Thailand might hold that exotic environment that you’ve been wanting to explore. To learn more about cultural travel to exotic asia, read more of the N.Y. times article here.





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