Cultural Travel to Coastal Paradise

Rarely does an image compel me to pick up the phone and check on airfares, but cultural travel to the coastal paradise of Amalfi, Italy is one such place. When looking at this image, I imagine sitting by the water eating some freshly made pasta with some fresh basil, and a warming bottle of red wine while listening to the water lapping against the seawall. Amalfi is on my list for cultural travel. What about you? Where is this sleepy little place tucked away? In 1953, John Steinbeck wrote a story about it called “Positano.”  Surrounded by the high contrast of sky and emerald sea, Amalfi is nestled into a ravine between high cliffs and 4,314 foot Monte Cerreto. The moment that Amalfi was illuminated in the trade industry was between 839 and 1200. I like to imagine being there then. Here is where Amalfi lies in the boot of Italy.

Amalfi, Italy

Amalfi, Italy


Amalfi coast-Photo by Fisticuffs

Amalfi coast-Photo by Fisticuffs


So, you might be thinking, why would one want to venture on cultural travel to coastal paradise? If the image is not compelling enough, or if you are thinking that it would not be suited for the whole family, then perhaps you should read an excerpt from this travel diary:

Forever will I picture my kids running through ancient gardens, playing music with locals, counting endless steps while hiking up the inset terraces along the coast, and asking our guides unending questions about local living. Add to that a visit to the local paper-making mill museum with the kids and it was a vacation worth its weight in gold for me and my extended family.

Ravello, a small village perched on the cliffs 1,000 feet above the sea, served as our home base from which we explored the area. Each morning at Villa Cimbrone, our decadent villa-hotel, began with a serene breakfast served out on the terrace. The panoramic views of the turquoise water and cliffs dotted with whitewashed villages, scents of lemon paired with fresh crusty bread and homemade citrus marmalade, created a symphony for the senses.


Now, are you reaching for the phone?  Read more about this delightful cultural travel diary in MSN’s travel  exclusive here.

Cultural travel to a coastal paradise is everyone’s dream of experiencing the tastes, smells, and visual splendor of the sun illuminating the crystal clear sea. There is no time like today to fulfill your travel dreams.



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