Cultural Travel To Burma

Cultural Travel to Burma has not been an option until the past two decades. Burma is filled with temples, and beauty that the rest of the world has not known. To travel to Burma, a cultural traveler must plan ahead. There are visa’s, and many regulatory restrictions to travel. This should not deter one who wants to experience a unique and beautiful culture. There are numerous tours that go to Burma.

“Myanmar is the sleeping dragon of Southeast Asia. Political and economic reforms will have created a new impetus to increase the tourism sector of the nation. Myanmar is the cool new place for savvy travelers who want to be the first to discover new destinations. Of course, Myanmar has attracted travelers for decades thanks to its abundant forests, rich wildlife, ancient cities and fascinating culture.” Henry, Tour Manager of Luxury Travel Ltd Myanmar.


Monastery Burma-Photo by Ralf-André Lettau

Monastery Burma-Photo by Ralf-André Lettau



Perhaps this is the year to travel to Burma if you have always dreamed of going. Cultural travel to Burma requires research and it is best to go with a tour that knows the restrictions and guidelines that Burma holds. If you would like to know more about Burma and its many rich cultural treasures, read the full article here.




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