Cultural Travel To Burma now Possible

Burma has been off limits to tourists for quite some time, and it is a country that is filled with architectural masterpieces and archeological wonders. The ban on travel to Burma, imposed by the United States Government, has now been lifted. Cultural travel to Burma is now possible, and the gateway is open. The San Francisco Chronical posts:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in the next few days, the United States would name its first ambassador to the country since 1990.

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The neolithic culture of Burmese in Padah-Lin Caves
The neolithic culture of Burmese in Padah-Lin Caves-photo by Soewinhan

Burma, or Myanmar, is a country that has been through atrocities that many of us cannot imagine. President Obama has lifted some sanctions with Burma, and is attempting to normalize relations between the two countries. The ancient history and artifacts that exist in Burma, are cultural treasures. If you are planning to travel to Burma, it is best to do your homework. If your passion is archeology, cultural travel to Burma is now possible, and should reveal some great explorations into the ancient past of Burma. Read the full post in the San Francisco Chronicle here.



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