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The Mediterranean¬† is filled with beautiful places, and cultural wonders. One such place is Gozo, which is a tiny island off the coast of Italy. Gozo is one of the least populated places in the Mediterranean, having a population of under 600 people. Cultural travel to beautiful Gozo includes every traveler’s dreams. There is extreme beauty, a traditional Carnival each year in February in the village of Nadur, and archeological wonders that include the the world’s oldest religious structures, the Ggantija temples. These neolithic structures date back 5000 years. In addition to Ggantija, there is the Xaghra Stone Circle, discovered in 1820 by John Otto Bayer, which is a burial mound with over 200,000 human body parts and bones dating back to 4100 and 3800BC.


Stone Circle Gozo

Elizabeth Zach, in her article in the Mercury News, writes the following about Malta and Gozo:

When the ferry arrives at Mgarr Harbour on the tiny Mediterranean island of Gozo, the welcome wagon is there: tiny and adorable luzzus, the colorful Maltese fishing boats, bobbing in the water, practically winking the “protective” eyes painted on their bows.

With 30,000 inhabitants and an area you can cover easily on foot in two hours, Gozo — the mid-size of the three Maltese islands — beckons the traveler eager for a different European vacation. It is immediately inviting because it is so compact and picturesque, the layers of cultural influence and history still so apparent everywhere, the Maltese so helpful and welcoming.


The beauty is astounding in Gozo, as are the beaches. Whether you are going to experience the archeological wonders of Gozo, or going to experience Carnival each year, there is plenty of beauty and history to fill you to the brim. You can read more about Malta, and Gozo in Zach’s article here. Cultural travel to beautiful Gozo is waiting for you.


Ramla Bay Gozo

Ramla Bay Gozo



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