Cultural Travel to Architectural Wonders

Here is an image of Architecture that you may or may not recognize. Imagine when this structure was built. Cultural travel to architectural wonders such as this one, are all over the world.

Cloisters Amalfi, Italy

Cloisters Amalfi, Italy


This structure is a visual masterpiece, in Amalfi, Italy. What is amazing is the time in which it was constructed. The year was between 1266 and 1268. It is called the Cloister of Paradise, and it was built by Filippo Augustariccio. It was used as a burial ground for the nobel families of Amalfi. What a magnificent structure that transcends time. One can imagine the time of 1266, or 1267 with lemons growing on the sunny cliffs of Amalfi, and the sea shining ever so brightly as it does today. To read more about this place that renders great ceramics, paper and liquor, read more here.


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