Cultural Travel to Africa’s West Coast

Africa is vast and splendid with so many diverse cultures interwoven  throughout. When we think of Africa, we rarely think of the western coast. Cultural travel to Africa’s west coast is filled with diverse terrain, people and villages. Next year, there is a voyage that will visit 14 countries in West Africa and span 34 days on Africa’s western shore. This is a first time cruise, and you can bet it will be unforgettable. Why? Because western Africa is rich with diverse villages, culture and terrain. The voyage is sponsored by Travel Dynamics, and here is a brief except about the voyage.

This is an epic voyage to an “undiscovered” Africa, an Africa most travelers will never visit. We have been sailing along Africa’s West coast for six years, and this is an astonishingly rich voyage far beyond the ordinary” says Vasos Papagapitos, Co-President of Travel Dynamics International.

West Africa, in addition to offering excellent natural history activities and wildlife viewing, is home to the continent’s most vibrant and interesting culture. Highlights include the wetlands of The Gambia, with their rich birdlife; Sierra Leone’s Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary; Ghana’s historic Castle Coast, as well as its Kakum National Park with its extensive rain forest, the rich craft markets of Dakar and Accra; the traditional villages of Togo’s Lake Togo; the fishing town of Ganvie in Benin, entirely built on stilts; the idyllic islands of Sao Tome and Principe; and Namibia’s dramatic Namib Desert, the most ancient desert in the world.

Travelers may book the entire voyage between Malaga and Cape Town, or one of two shorter 17-day segments between Malaga and Accra, or between Accra and Cape Town.


wassu stone circles The Gambia-

Wassu stone circles The Gambia- Photo by Shauna Mullally


Cultural travel to Africa’s west coast is a trip that will open the gateway to diverse cultures on the western coast of Africa. If you are a bit older, and can’t trek like you used to, this cruise poses an opportunity to see Africa with a new perspective. There’s no time like the present to see Africa. Go here to read the full article about Travel Dynamic’s western cruise to Africa.



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