Cultural Travel that You can Write Home About

Cultural travel can be a trip just about anywhere in the world, but what about a cultural trip that bridges one’s writing talents with ways to incorporate travel writing? This year, 2012, is the best time to make your cultural travel coincide with Scotland because it is a year that hosts events and festivals that honor the creative soul. In particular, for those who like to write, there is an opportunity in Edinburgh that may just launch a whole new cultural travel career.


File:North Bridge, Edinburgh, August 2010.jpg photo by Oliver-Bonjoch


 City Travel Review’s Edinburgh-based projects see team members write a travel magazine aimed at young people visiting the city. With help from our expert staff of journalists and media employees, and aided by writing workshops and project-related activities, they are free to cover anything from Edinburgh’s nightlife, shopping and dining scene, to its politics, history and tourist attractions.


Whether you are a creative person or just wanting to explore Scotland, this is the year to go to Edinburgh. For writers, storytellers, musicians, dancers, and other creatives, cultural travel to Edinburgh is an extraordinary way to immerse yourself in local food, architecture, and place. If you’re a budding writer, and you love cultural travel, go now to Scotland and develop your gifts further. Find out more right here.


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