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As a cultural traveler, it is so essential to have information about how to get around a city or country before you go. If you are in Asia, the tuk tuk is a wonderful local way to travel in say, Indonesia or Bangkok. Once I was on a tuk tuk in Bali that had a woman with several chickens, a boy with a basket of vegetables, two men, my partner, and myself. We were all crammed into a very tiny space in the back of a tuk tuk or mini, mini, mini van. It was tight. It was one of the memories that lingers after the trip, and I can still remember the chickens filling up the space. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but I was intrigued to read about how to get around Hong Kong with  Jen Chow’s article, Cultural Snacking in Hong Kong.



I also took many a trip on minibuses – it’s preferred by many because it’s on-demand (you can hail them like a cab) and fast. They are like enlarged minivans and have limited seats, so chances are you won’t have many stopovers along the way. I loved taking them…like taking a community bus, as scary as it could be at times.

Leading up from Central is the Escalator and the Peak Tram. The famous escalator passes through the hip district of Soho and takes you into the residential neighbourhood known as the Mid-Levels because it is neither up nor down the mountain. Up top is The Peak, the tallest point on the island where foreign diplomats and business tycoons compete for the best views of the harbour from some of the most expensive homes to be found anywhere. Most tourists do not go much further than the Peak Tram, but take a short walk and you will escape the crowds and be rewarded with some of the best harbour views. It is worth investing in a good map from leading bookshops in Central if you want to enjoy some of the superb footpaths that crisscross the island. (this part from wikipedia)

Hong Kong- photo by  Diliff

Hong Kong- photo by Diliff


The essence of this story is that if you are a true cultural traveler, you will do your homework and explore the ways of the locals to get around, and experience local color, local food, local transportation. This is what makes cultural travel rich and memorable. Forget cabs, go tuk tuk. Read more about the snidbits around Hong Kong here.


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