Cultural Travel Research

Before going to any country around the world, it is important to explore everything you can before getting there. Now, there is a website that offers cultural travel research for you before you go to the other side of the world. Included in this site are books, films, restaurants, and cultural places that you might not otherwise find. You may choose to do your own cultural travel research, but this site offers a tool for researching places from the perspective of what is going on now. You might want to check out this site, as it is really a great resource for the cultural traveler.

cultural travel research

This website offers visitors, individuals or companies, extensive cultural information about many cities throughout the world. With cultural information, we’re talking articles, films & books that refer to, or are about countries everywhere.

On their bio page they wrote “We also seek to offer a different perspective on people, places, and cultures that are often marginalised or misrepresented in traditional media. By doing so, we want to inspire people to be cultural travellers, wherever they go, wherever they come from.” The latter being something we’re also very passionate about with our local-orientated and up-to-date content.

When traveling to a country or specific city, this website suggests which books and films you should consider reading or watching before or during your trip

So hey, why not let this website do the heavy lifting in researching places to go to? There are many resources on the web, but this one seems to aggregate information in one place, and is of value to the person who does not like to do a lot of planning in advance. Cultural travel research doesn’t have to be hard. They do it all for you! Read more about this site here.


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