Cultural Travel in a Buick

Ok, so I’ll confess, I love Buicks, especially old ones. This week is a special week for Buicks, and the people who drive them. In fact, people who drive old buicks are an interesting culture in and of themselves! Cultural travel in a Buick starts in Michigan and goes on a tour to Tallahassee Florida this week.

The week is all about the Buicks, fellowship and exploration – that magic combination of great cars, the interesting people that surround them and the fascinating places we go in them. Lynn and her able team of organizers planned visits to museums, cultural destinations, and even a student-run circus at nearby Florida State University. A central element of these biannual tours is to explore and soak up the history, culture and ambiance of the particular region where it is held. Here, we’ll find out about the central panhandle of Florida, including the aboriginal peoples, the first European explorers and settlers, great entrepreneurs, wars, politicians and other facets of what makes this area unique.

1936 Buick Sedan

1936 Buick Sedan

Let’s face it, sometimes it is a country, sometimes a four legged animal, and sometimes a four wheeled Buick that brings a culture of people together. If you’re into Buicks, perhaps cultural travel in a Buick is right up your alley.  Check out all of the Buicks on tour and the story about the culture behind them here.


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