Cultural Travel for Seniors

While this is not a banner year for airfares, there are ways to find deals. Cultural travel for seniors is still a viable and affordable endeavor. The trick? Finding alternative days and off times to travel. If you can travel mid week, this will save you a substantial amount of money, plus choosing times that other tourists  are not vying for flights. While summer air travel deals seem scarce this year, chances are, you will find just the right flight for your trip to that place that you have always wanted to go to. Dawn Gilbertson of the Tucson Times says:

Watch for fare sales. The deals may not blow you away like airfare sales of the past, but there usually are some savings. Pay particular attention to the websites and Facebook pages of airlines, online travel agencies and travel-deal sites on Tuesdays, when many sales are launched. Last week, Southwest, JetBlue and Alaska had Tuesday sales. Southwest recently started Tick Tock Tuesday, with fares on sale to a particular city or state. Last week, flights to Florida were on sale, although summer travel was not included. Alaska had a one-day sale offering 10 percent off all flights.

You don’t have to park the bags this summer. Find new ways to travel, including off season, and off peak travel times. Cultural travel for seniors has never been better. You just need to work a bit harder to find the right deal. Read the full article about summer travel here.


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