Cultural Travel for Healing

In the west, we forget about the effective ways that healing can occur through ancient cosmologies that have been around for eons of time. These ways of healing, and ways of believing are tied to rituals and healing technologies that go beyond machines, drugs, and endless tests. I have witnessed amazing things in my life visiting healers around the world. Cultural travel for healing can be a rich and wonderful experience that expands the soul, with sometimes, life changing results. One of my favorite travel bloggers, visits a Tibetan healer in the video below. This is Barbara Weibel in the video.



Cultural travel for healing is becoming increasingly popular among westerners. Going to Peru for dentistry, or traveling to South Africa for surgery is not uncommon these days. Why? Because people are weary of western medicine which is solely based on an approach that does not deal with the whole human being. Traditional healers are embedded in cultures all over the world, and cultural travel for healing can offer a way to address maladies of the spirit that are tied to physical problems. It is good to research healers around the world before going, and talk with people who have journeyed to far away places for healing. Read about Barbara Weibel’s journey to the Tibetan Shaman here.


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